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Joke Name:  What Type Of Farter Are You?
Pick the day you were born on to see what kind of fart you are. 1-AMBITIOUS Always ready for a fart. 2-LAZY Just fizzles 3-AMIABLE Likes to smell others farts. 4-SELFISH Only enjoys smelling his own farts. 5-CARELESS Farts in church. 6-SMART ALEC Farts when ladies are present. 7-CLEVER Farts and coughs at same time. 8-SCIENTIFIC Bottles his farts. 9-STINGY Belches instead of farting to save his asshole. 10-FOOLISH Farts and laughs. 11-SHY Blushes even when he farts silently. 12-CONCIETED Thinks he can fart loudest. 13-UNLUCKY Tries to fart and shits pants. 14- TIMID Jumps when he farts. 15-BEWILDERED can't tell his own farts from others. 16-SLOVENLY Farts and fizzles, rots his pants. 17-NERVOUS Stops in middle of fart. 18-MISERABLE Can't fart 19-CONFUSED Face looks so much like ass, Farts don't know where to go. 20-GROUCH Grumbles when ladies fart. 21-SNEAKY Farts and blames it on the dog. 22-DISAPPOINTED Their farts dont stink. 23-FRESH GUY Jumps in front of you and farts. 24-BIG BULLY Farts louder than everyone else. 25-DELUDED Enjoys all farts thinking they are his. 26-CUTE Discovers from farts what others have eaten. 27-WISE Farts and say's "Who in hell shit ??" 28-DAMNED MEAN Farts in bed and pulls covers over wife's head. 29-MUSICAL Tenor or bass Clear as a bell Smells like shit Sounds like hell 30-HONEST Farts and blames in on the hostess. 31-LIVELY GUY Jumps in air, farts three times, kicks like hell simultaneously.

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